We encourage long-term business engagements with our clients and want you to be a part of our extended family.

Our strategic alliances are designed to benefit your business with a dedicated artist or team who works exclusively on your projects throughout the course of the alliance.

We have multi-year, one year and 6-month alliances with very affordable rates. Budgeting becomes much easier when your cost of doing business is predictable and fixed per month. 

Plus, working with the same digital advertising agency support staff  in the USA and throughout the world means we understand your unique business needs, and deliverables consistently meet your high expectations.

Still not convinced? Let us work with you for a no-cost trial period. We are confident you’ll love our staff and attention to detail.

Reach out and speak to our Business Manager to get a full understanding of how a strategic alliance with MGS Graphics can help you concentrate on your clients rather than the technical graphics details.